2008 Eastbound Panama Canal Cruise

Puerto Vallarta on Dec 10

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Here are some photos taken on the ship.

Bar on the Lido deck.

Pool on the Lido deck.

Seating around the pool.

Lido Restaurant. This was buffet style. We ate breakfast, lunch and most of our dinners here.

Lido Restaurant.

Aft pool deck.

Our room was on deck 7, called the Navigation Deck because the Bridge was located at the front of this deck.

Deck 7 hallway. Our room was about half-way down this hall.

We got towel animals on our bed every night.

Puerto Vallarta

The docks were full here. The ship had to anchor in the harbor we were tendered ashore.
The last time for that as we could dock at the rest of the ports.
From Sally's trip log:

9 Dec 08  Mark went on a different adventure. I went on the Sierra Madre Hike. There were 5 of us plus our guide, Israel. It was quite a steep climb up, up a path that came down the other side to a river.  On the way back we had to hike across the river with the water up to our thighs. One man got heat-exhaustion and had to taken out on an ATV. It was very fun.

Israel , the hike leader.

Kids along the way.

The River of No Return.
Mark went on an Outdoor Adventure. It stated with a half hour ride on a Zodiac speed-boat to an undisclosed location (actually Boca de Tomatlan). Then a half hour ride in a four wheel drive truck, Then a half hour ride on a mule. The purpose of all of this was to reach the top of a mountain where the Zip Lines started.

These are the Mercedes Benz 4x4 Unimogs that we rode from the beach to where we got on the mules.

Here are the mules.

We had to get into these harnesses. We could not take cameras because must of the time we in water.

This photo is from one of their brochures. We did about 10 of these Zip Line runs.

We also did rappelling down cliffs and in one case, along a water fall.

Afterwards we rested. The guys in the blue tee shirts were the tour leaders. Average age probably 20 years.
We returned to the beach on the Unimogs and then by Zodiac again to the cruise ship terminal.

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