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I realized that the 1992 layout was too "complicated". Too many levels and too many accessories. And too hard for me to reach all the track. I tore it town and restarted. The new layout was one level, with a lift out bridge. Nothing was more than 2 feet from an aisle.

Two sheets of 4x8 with a 2x4 piece inconnecting them.

All of the switch controllers went through this set of terminal strips.

At the start, I had one liftout bridge so that there didn't need to be any duckunders. Later on, I added a second lift bridge so that I could have two independent loops running trains.

My workbench in a closet.

This layout had two loops interconnected with switch tracks. Controlled by one ZW transformer.
In this photo, I have the (now) two lift bridges removed.

I had a simple trolley line on  a second level.

I was mounting all of the controllers right next to the accessory they controlled.

I added some display shelves for the accessories that would not fit onto the train table.

I was still able to fit a lot of accessories on this layout.

I liked this layout because I could run two trains at the same time without constant twiddling of the transformer handles - since all of the track was on one level.

We moved into a new house in 2009 so the layout came down, was packed up and moved. Click here for the next chapter in the story.

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